Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Potty Time!

Well as of yesterday Taylor has been giving the potty a try.LOL She had her first pee on the potty at Natasha (Day home Extrodanaire) and then a poop at home last night! Apparently she had 2 pees at Grandpa's today and many, many false trips to the potty! LMAO Funny I am reporting such silly stuff.

So things are humming along like normal. Mindy returned to work on Monday, but then found out she needed a Doctor's note to return, so she actually didn't start back until Tuesday.LOL I know Mindy is happy to be back at work with some amazing people she works with. I can honestly say that the people of Enbridge have been so kind, so thoughtful, and sensitive. I really, and I mean really have NEVER heard of co-workers who band together to help in so many ways. It is truly an amazing thing to witness such kindness! THANK YOU ENBRIDGE!!!!! I know everyone is going to want to know what they have been doing, so I will share just a few, but trust me....they are so AMAZING! LOL First they have conducted their own fundraisers, opening their pockets to donate money, gift certificates, etc. Then we have co-workers like Melanie Shockey who got a group of her fellow staff to help her make hundreds of ribbon barrettes to sell and donate all proceeds to Taylor's Wish, as well we have had so many numerous donations for the Silent Auction happening this Sunday, a nice vacation Gift Certificate from the lovely Ms. Eva in case Mindy and Landon just need to get away, Volunteers to co-ordinate our Silent Auction (EVA) as well as volunteers to help. Mindy received an e-mail describing one woman's idea that she was concerned Mindy came back because she might have had to due to financial reasons, so this woman went to begin requesting to potentially have other Enbridge employees donate "days" so that Mindy would not suffer financially but be allowed to take time if she me these people have endless things they have and do for Mindy and Landon. If you meet any of them, give them a huge hug or pat on the back! No wonder she wanted to get back to work.LOL

We are all busily planning for the upcoming Silent Auction Sunday November 7th from 2-8 at Flow. We have had help in acquiring some entertainment for the day, so it should be an amazing day! Hope to see you there,


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