Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday's Day...have you ever seen a pink quad?

First I am just going to add some clips of Mindy's e-mail to me today so you can have a quick rundown of their day. I had my son's seventh birthday party today so I was a bit "out of commission" in regards to Taylor.

"Okay, so global was at the snowmobile show this morning to do a story, ...everyone at the show seemed to know about Taylor too, she was given some spiffy new shirts. Global did a short interview with Landon and then t&t power sports gave Taylor a helmet, riding gear(shirt, pants, gloves) and a 50cc pink quad to use for a year!

There was also a guy who donated 4 tickets at ice level to the oilers versus all-stars game in January to be auctioned off on the snow and mud site, with all the money going to have been sold out and I guess he paid over $600 for them!

Our friends also gave her a huge stuffed cow as well as a little hamster on wheels that makes noises and rolls around on the floor...

It was a great day, but we are exhausted. We stopped by the Alberta beach fire department on our way home and they have trailers full of bottles and lots of donations coming in! It is absolutely insane how much people are doing to help us. How will we ever repay everyones kindness and generosity? Thank you just doesn't feel like enough anymore!

I love you tonnes, can't wait to see everyone tonight. I ended up making clown cupcakes for Dianne and the bottle crew last night, as a small gesture of my appreciation!"-Mindy

This evening we all met up: Mindy, Landon, Taylor, Clayton (our brother from Kelowna)with his wife Dawn, Tyler and Kiandra, then my family at my Mom's and Danny's house. It was my son's seventh birthday as well as My Mom's...they are born on the same day as well as my Cousin Debbie (some of my most special people.LOL) Taylor was in full spirits with some pink cheeks she got while trying out the new pink quad!LOL

Taylor bossed us around, told us where we could sit, raided grandma's pantry continuously pulling out Fruit Loops,Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Corn Pops.LOL She dragged me up stairs so she could play on Grandma's computer than to grandma's bed where she allowed me the great honour of helping her to get on the bed over the rails so she could jump on the bed.LMAO I think she ate 3 bowls of ice cream for supper...not interested in the "real food"! She did however want the butter, but its because she thought it was cheese.LOL

Eventually Taylor managed as the night progressed to get Grandma Josie to take them all for a walk.LOL Taylor is SUPER DUPER pushy! But thats a good thing as she shows determination in whatever she does and doesn't give up!

We have heard so many things occurred today with Fundraisers. The bottle drives were a huge success! No idea how it completely went, but I am sure I will know soon enough. Everyone must be so exhausted, I know I am as well as Mindy and Landon. I think they are planning on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow but relax! Amen to that.

So I am going to end this with a wish:

I wish I could get a miracle...I wish I could have just one.
Make the cancer go away,
don't take another one!
Let me keep my star,
my nights are much to dark without her.
I think we are due for that miracle, so lets give us just this one!

Miracle created hope. With hope we can create miracles!

Taylor's Auntie Leah

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Julio, Sandra, and Silvia said...

Taylor: your parents Landon & Mindy have faith enough to declare, as we did since last Saturday, that in the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth, you are totally healed.

"When Jesus had called the twelve together, he gave them the authority to drive out all demons and to cure deseases, and He sent them out to preach the Kingdom of GOD and to heal te sick" (Luke 9:1-2, NIV)...
GOD's response came to us: "For He says: in the time of My favour I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you" (2 Corinthians 6:2)...
Landon & Mindy: take a look of the following psalm: "find rest, o my soul, in GOD alone my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My salvation and my honor depend on GOD; He is my mighty rock, my refuge. Trust in Him at all times, o people; pour out your hearts to Him, for GOD is our refuge" (Psalm 62:5-8)...