Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disneyland Day 1

I am just posting the message Mindy sent me yesterday. SOunds like they are having fun!

Greetings from the happiest place on earth!

So our day has been great! Taylor has captivated everyone she meets...the flight attendants were falling over themselves to give her high fives and dance to Landon's iPod with he before boarding...they played Disney trivia and gave out prizes, and randomly chose a seat of the many children on board to give two DVDs of toy story 1&2 away and Taylor was the lucky winner!

She did great on the flight, enjoyed sitting on my lap to Look out the window, she wasn't scared at all thank goodness...didn't like the seatbelt...and kept taking it off as they are definitely not child proof! She cried for the last 15 minutes...more whined loudly then cried...as she had to keep her seatbelt on for landing and hadn't napped and was certainly done with sitting still for 2 hours 45 minutes on the flight!

Next we had to collect our luggage which wasn't too bad, but then we had to wait on a sidewalk between two busy 3 lane roads of traffic zooming by with all of our luggage and children...no the most genius plan I'd say! Thank goodness it was only about a 20 minute wait but then a 45 minute bus ride to Disneyland...thank goodness she decided to crash on Landon's lap while looking out the window.

So we arrived at the hotel about 2:30 to check in, and we were given a surprise package as they were told that this was a very special trip and Taylor's first time in Disneyland. They had a micro fleece blanket, a mrs.potato head, autographed picture of Mickey and minnie, and three pins that say, it's my first time in disneyland so we get extra special attention from the staff and characters.

We decided to unpack and get situated with everything for our stay, and then hit the park to check out what we were going to do for our time here...we didn't take any jackets as it was +16 or so...but it got pretty chilly with the wind and as the sun went down...people are wearing winter jackets and toques, scarves, mitts, the works...they must have thought we were nuts in our T shirts, we didn't even bring anything for Taylor!

We built Taylor a special customized Mickey ears hat and picked up a few Christmas ornaments, there is so much disney branded everything here it is like Disneyland threw up everywhere...gift shops and trinkets and Mickey and Minnie everything...if you can think of it, they probably have it...so cool!

So we shopped around to figure out what we will pick up from here, everything is super expensive so not sure how many of you will end up with Disney stuff LOL we will do shopping in San Diego if we can find the outlet malls...

We came back to the hotel thinking maybe we would go for a swim on the rooftop pool...but it was too damn cold for that, so we decided to give Taylor a bath, and check in with our family. We came back to our room to find that our beds had been turned down, Disney chocolate coins on our bed and three chocolate chip cookies on a plate for us :) how awesome is that?!?

We are having a fabulous time, Taylor has been tired but still her happy and adorable self...i find it amazing that even among thousands of kids she still manages to stand out and capture peoples attention...I dont know how many times I heard "what a cutie" or "she's a sweetie" or "aww, she's adorable"...she was waving and saying bye and see ya to everyone who walked sway from us on the plane, at the airport, and anywhere we seem to chitchat with store personnel, etc. She really does have something magnetic about her...and this place is full of magic!

We are going for breakfast with Mickey and friends - hoping she isn't terrified of the characters! LOL. Then we are off to the park for an action packed day and to get her autograph book signed.

Will keep you posted, Hoping to get to bed early and get a good sleep! Hope Ruby isn't causing Brenda too much grief...let me know what you think we should get them as a thank you.

Love you lots and can't wait for tomorrow!

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