Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi, SO I have had to keep a secret for over a week...let me tell you that it was very,very hard! The story is as follows...

Landon, Mindy and Taylor went a few weeks ago (okay so I can't remember the date and left my day planner at school so I can't check! LOL) to Marlin Travel in Stony Plain to get their trip to Disneyland all planned. The travel agent helping them, Ellen was touched by their story so a few days later she asked Mindy for my number. Well Ellen called me last week excited and wanting to tell me some stuff that was going on from her end. She told me that she was so touched by Mindy and Landon. She said when they came in they seemed so normal, a normal family planning a vacation. She said she had not heard the hubbub about Taylor, but that after talking with them the story slowly came out about what they had been going through, the fundraising for "Wishes for Taylor", etc. She then had perused my blog and learned a little more.

Ellen said she was contacting me because she was so touched "no parent should have to go through that" and she had told Taylor's story to her sister who works for CN. Her sister was also touched by the story and told her co-workers at CN, asking if they wanted to donate their Safety Award money (around $25/ a person) towards Taylor. So her co-workers said, sure that would be something they would like to do...but the message kept spreading...CN has raised more money than is necessary for the trip. The entire trip with all the bells and whistles has been completely paid for they got her a cute little princess suitcase, princess outfits, shoes, tiara, dolls, etc! But the best part is yet to roughly a week they have raised over $8000 with more coming in that they are going to donate in Taylor's name/honour to the Make-A-Wish foundation!!!!

How does one thank everyone who has participated in all of this fundraising? All of you have poured out your hearts and piggy banks. I am trying to come up with an idea of paying forward all of this, I feel like we need to do something more, help more children. Taylor's story has touched people that is clear, but what about the nameless children going through this? I just don't know. I know when Taylor went through chemotherapy that first year there were the "good" parents and the "bad" ones...the ones who left their kids alone, sick and scared...who will tell their story? I think taylor has become personal to many because she has a face, stories, etc. Those other kids don't and it breaks my heart. All my energy has thus far went into Taylor, Mindy and Landon. I remember paediatric oncology how I felt I needed to do something, but just didn't know what, how or if I could gather anymore energy. SO I am going to leave off here, still thinking how I will help someone, not sure how, but I think I must do this.

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