Friday, October 22, 2010

I am back to talk about our girl!


So fundraisers are just going like mad. I will add them off to the left, but would like now to just focus on Taylor as that is what we really want to hear about right now!

So as you know we are working on passports so that they can all head off to Disneyland/world...still not clear which one, but I think Disneyland would be the best (LMAO like they are going to care about my opinion.LOL). So the trials of course begin with the crazy passport regulations on photo's. I find them absolutely ludicrous...(soon we will have to have 10 various poses and faces so that they can see us in every possible form?WTF) So Mindy said her photo took 10 tries as she kept blinking! LOL Next came Miss Taylor. Anyone who knows Taylor knows she is near impossible to keep still. So they had to keep hair out of her eyes, hair not covering her ears, looking forward, no smiles...yadda, yadda, yadda. So they tried to do hers for like an hour (may be exaggerating, probably half an hour, but no doubt felt like 2.LOL), needless to say they gave up and went to visit Nana Roberta and Grandpa Don. As great and amazing grandparents that Roberta and Don are, they told Mindy and Landon "Don't worry, we will get the photo!"LOL so off they went, well after 20 minutes of trying Grandpa and Nana were back without a picture.LOL So they promised to continue to try the following day! I am happy to say they did get the picture. Everything is now ready for submitting, which Mindy will try and do next week. I hope it goes nice and quick so we can send them off on their holiday.

So yesterday I had posted about the PIC line being infected. She was good, no fever. They took her in today and they removed the PIC line and she is on anti-biotics. Today the tried the "playing in the leaves" however, Taylor was not too interested, but enjoyed as they threw Ruby their Beagle into the leaves and she ran around the yard which made Taylor laugh hysterically! Taylor instead chose to jump on her jumperoo, played on the slide and went for a swing. They had a nice day playing outside and had a visit from their good friend Dianne the firefighter! For lunch they went for coffee and lunch at the day home Natasha's house which was lots of fun and they had some delicious carrot cake!

The antibiotics were the wrong form so they were waiting the last time I heard to get the prescription, but it is not a huge deal, it will sort itself out. Taylor got another slurpee and bag of chippies, which she thoroughly enjoys.LOL She also had her hearing test, but she was fidgety and they didn't get a great sense, however the fluid in her ears is gone, which is a great sign! She will go for another on November 18th, but may have to get sedated and have the sensors on so they can get a better read....I am pretty sure her hearing is great though so I am not concerned.LOL (Doctor Leah). Taylor refused to take a nap...having too much fun, our stubborn girl. So all in all it was a terrific day. They got a great family day and visited with friends.

Although we truly appreciate all the support, love and kindness I am going to try and keep the blog focused on Taylor. I will post any of the fundraiser stuff I can off to the side, but will try and just share "Taylor" on my posts as I am sure that is who you want to hear about. Any fundraiser information can also be viewed and discussed on Facebook at " A Wish for Taylor"

Please don't stop your prayers and HOPE! Keep spreading it and sharing our story. I will never, never give up my belief in miracles.

Taylor's Auntie Leah


Edwina said...

Leah, this is an awesome post and I think you are 100% on keeping the focus on Taylor. Anyways I throughly enjoyed the story and was liking it so much I wanted more when I got to the end. You are a good teacher and storyteller. Keep up the great work.

Leah said...

Thanks Edwina,
I was feeling like I was getting swept away in reporting the fundraiser stuff, which is important, but Taylor is more important to me. I prefer people to hear about her, so was feeling I needed a refocus! LOL