Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Disneyland Day 2

Okay, so today was action packed!

We started our day at our hotel's restaurant...character dining with Mickey and friends, Taylor was a little unsure at first, but was soon high fiving the characters, dancing with them, and having a blast! We forgot her autograph book in the room, so we figured we would come back again since we had so much fun! It totally made our morning, and set the tone for our day!

After breakfast we came back for a room visit to change out of our syrup splattered clothing and get ready for our day at the park!

We seen many exciting characters today, and got some autographs in Taylor's book! We seen a song and dance routine by Mary poppins and her crew, and smiled so hard our cheeks hurt!

Took Taylor on her first ride - pirates of the carribean...lmao...big mistake! She screamed and cried hysterically for most of the 20 minute ride - it was pitch black on the water in boats with lots of explosions and gun shots and scary pirates and skeletons and such...we so should have known better...

So the next ride was about an hour later...Winnie the pooh...more her pace, again with the exception of the ephalumps and woozles part that she was scared of...but much better than the last one!

Next, we hit mickeys toon town...she had lots of fun in here even though we didn't do any rides or wait in the 30 minute plus line ups to get pictures with the Mickey, Minnie, and goofy...we figured we would catch them again at breakfast!

So we had some lunch and then found the tea cups!!! She loved them thank goodness...weren't sure if we had scarred her for life with the pirate ride experience...but yay, she had fun on a ride!

We wandered around the park for a while getting our bearings and trying to see if Taylor would such luck!

We did some shopping and decided to get front row seats for the parade, so we hung out curbside for an hour and twenty minutes again trying to get Taylor to least she sat in her stroller and rested for a bit. the parade. Let me tell you how awesome the parade was all Christmas themed, the whole place is decorated with Christmas everything as well, so it was truly magical! Taylor was vibrating in anticipation as she seen the floats coming around the corner where we were sitting near the beginning of the parade route. She danced and laughed and oohed and Ahhed at everything...she was jumping up and down and going bananas...completely over tired and goofy she entertained the folks around us and made my heart is truly amazing to see how happy a child can get! We shopped a little and heard a commotion on main street and happened to get out there just before another special treat...they made it snow after playing a scene from a Christmas movie...can't remember which one...something about if your really believe...anything can was truly magical!

So we went for supper at a new Orleans style yummy! It's so funny that they have those outdoor propane heaters everywhere...I find it way too warm with them but people complain that they are freezing...crazy americans! They would die in an albertan winter I am sure!

We watched the fireworks, missed the first part as they started an hour earlier than everyone told us they started...oh well, we have two more nights!

We hit a few more shops on the way back to the hotel, and wrapped up day two of our adventure! Taylor hit the pillow and fell asleep pretty well instantly!

Tomorrow we are having breakfast in the hotel again with Mickey and friends...and then off to bippity boppity boutique for Taylor's princess makeover and to ariel's grotto for lunch...should be an exciting day...we plan on spending the day in California adventure park since we haven't been to that side yet, and they have an amazing water show that we have watched each night from our room...but would love to see it from close up :)

Off to dream some magical dreams...check in with you all tomorrow!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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