Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 7 SanDiego

So this morning we did our continental breakfast at the hotel and then headed out for the day's adventure...Sea world!

It was a quiet day there thank goodness, and we got around fairly quickly, although the show times were quite spread out over the day...if we missed an early show, the others weren't until the end of the day...we thought we could make it...but Taylor was grumpy and we were exhausted by about 3:30.

We watched the shamu show which was fantastic...brought back all my memories as a child and sitting in the splash zone and getting soaked! We decided to play it safe and sit up in the higher stands...a very good choice considering the cooler weather.

We also got to play with some dolphins, pet some star fish and sea urchins, fed and pet some manta reys which was super cool! We fed some sea lions, and Landon got swindled by a pelican...those guys are aggressive around the sea lions feeding area...they kept swooping around us trying to steal our fishes for the sea lions!!!!

We did a few more tours and had lunch, but packed it in and came back to the hotel for a nap. Our room was being cleaned, so we decided to take a walk out on the sea wall, and we booked ourselves some massages for Tuesday evening! Landon has never had a massage before...and his back is killing him from carrying taylor on his shoulders all the time and carrying all our stuff!

So we had a nap and set out on an adventure to find supper...the place we wanted to go to turned out to be more of a pub, so we tried to find another place...found was okay, nothing fabulous...but whatever!

So we moseyed back to the hotel and decided to go swimming. It was nice and sheltered, and Taylor had so much fun jumping off the edge of the pool into our arms, we finished things off with the hot tub and showers for the family and bed time.

Taylor is flopping around in her bed talking to herself as we watch a movie on the tv...planning on going to the safari park tomorrow and maybe hitting the beach for a bit!

Love you all, see you in a few days!
Mindy,Landon & Taylor

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