Thursday, December 16, 2010

MRI Results...official!

Well although everyone may know from my prior posts that Taylor's last MRI was clear, however their official meeting was today. Basically what they told them (Mindy and Landon) was that they see NOTHING in this flags, etc. Everything was perfect, not even a smudge on the MRI! Hurray. Speech Pathologist thinks she is doing great and the Neuro-Psychologist was amazed at how "grown-up" she is. Of course everyone was in love with her and sung her praises....but she is pretty darn awesome.

So I have not had a chance to ask Mindy fifty thousand questions...I will though and hopefully update you. I still want to find out about their action plan on MRI's...will they be extended to 6 months, or do they still have to be done every 3 months? I also wanted to know what they thought about taking her to either St.Jude's in the USA or to Toronto where there are some "expert" on her form of cancer (it is still not big where knowledge is concerned, but maybe they would have some insight?) I also worry about any signs that may signal growth, etc. Taylor now getting a tad older, at her whopping 2 years of age, is a bit easier to read some signals in behaviour in relation to "normal". I think there are always questions.

I am just so thankful. Taylor has gotten to go on her wish vacation, she has pretty much completed her wish list, thanks to all her supporters, angels here on earth. I get to babysit this Saturday...apparently she can be a tyrant, so I may relive my babysitting her when she was 6 months old playing strange...LMAO.

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