Sunday, December 5, 2010

San Diego Day 6

Well, today was pretty casual...we crawled out of bed and went for breakfast...conveniently located right next-door to our room! Then we decided to go for a dip in the pool and sent Taylor for a nap.

Landon sent me to the front desk to find out how much it would be for a rental cab, or how much it would be to get to the various sites we want to visit...and I ended up signing us up For a rental car for 4 days! Lmao

So Landon went with the agent from enterprise to fill out the paperwork and I figured out where we were going to spend the rest of the day!

So...Landon came back, we decide to head to Las America's outlet centre at the Mexico border...literally we could have thrown rocks over the 30 foot High barb wire fences and huge metal gates! LMFAO Landon was wondering what I had gotten us into!!! We were clearly not from around there...population of Latin/Mexican/Spanish type folks was considerably higher than any other nationalities...the people at mcdonalds barely spoke English :). It was fun though and everyone was friendly! There was actually staff in the stores and they were working and friendly and helpful...weird! Like the good old days!

So we headed home after what seemed like the longest day of shopping ever! We didn't even hit half of the stores I am sure...but we spent enough money and were tired!

Stopped at the cvs pharmacy again...Landon needed some icy hot back cream and we needed to grab some Taylor snacks...Landon had a good chat with a homeless man while waiting in the car with Taylor as she napped in the back...he was telling landon how nice canadians are, and that the women are amazing and nice...not like the glorified prostitutes down here lmfao...and that the cops are CRAZY...he he...anyway, landon told me to jump in the car and locked the doors x

So anyway, Landon told me to hurry and get in the car and he locked the doors and we drove two seconds to the gas It was very dramatic lol

So...there are some very strange people around here...lots of people that look nuts!

We ended up just ordering pizza in our room instead of going out for supper...too tired! I totally forgot to ask for plates or napkins...and we have NOTHING but Kleenex in our room that was interesting...

Anyway, can you put some feelers out to see if anyone knows how we should send stuff home...we clearly don't have enough room in our suitcases...

Love you lots, tomorrow I think will be sea world or the zoo...not sure yet!

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