Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taylor's Going to Disneyland!!

So some may already know, but the Disneyland trip is in process of getting all the details set. They will be leaving on the 27 or 28th returning December 6 or 8th! I cannot wait to share all the details, but will wait until all is finalized. I have been a tad busy lately so just not having all my details straight.

MRI is on the 23rd...follow up meeting is not until December 16th. The Doctor's want time to study everything following the last MRI results. This is a long wait for Mindy and Landon not knowing, but cannot be avoided. Please send strength to them in this time as this is beyond even my comprehension the stress they are under.

Taylor has been good. Had a bit of the flu bug last week, followed by tripping over Ruby, falling into the door frame and cracking a huge goosebump on her noggin. It was truly huge. Don't have the picture or I would post...Landon looked like he was crying to from the pain she was in. Mindy said she screamed bloody murder! Ugh I remember those like yesterday with my own kids! Poor sweety is better now though.

Taylor has had some great visits with Grandpa Don and Nana Roberta as they have helped with looking after her when Mindy and Landon were working late. Such amazing grandparents she has!

Will give a better update when I stop spinning as I just had Parent Teacher Interviews at my school...busy, busy, busy.LOL

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