Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MRI went fine...now we wait

Well Taylor's ear infection caused her to have a really rough night, as well as Mindy and Landon. She ran a fever throughout the night and did not sleep. Mindy said she finally went down for a sleep at 5:30am....ugh super long night for all. Poor little Taylor she must have been really hurting. Taylor seemed to be feeling better however when waking this morning after her extremely short sleep. MRI went fine, no hitches and she woke up happy! Yeah

Now the wait begins. Nurse Clare will see if she can get any information on the MRI by the end of the week, however their official meeting to discuss the MRI will not be until Thursday December 16th. If clear, which is my hope than they will discuss possibly the schedule of future MRI's....every 3 months, or 6 months...whatever they feel is necessary. If they find stuff again I can only speculate that it would be surgery, radiation or nothing. Lets hope for the clear MRI!

What can I tell you...I have hope, and I have fear. I know Mindy and Landon are the same. This has been absolutely exhausting. I am so proud of Mindy and Landon over the past two years. They have shown such tremendous bravery and strength. I know a lot of this also comes from the tremendous positive energy all of you have thrown their way. Thank you so much for being there offering up your cheers for Team Taylor!

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