Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow I am already falling behind

You are all moving so bloody fast I can't keep up! Please be patient with us as we all work full-time and have small kids, so we are not ignoring, but trying to answer all the variety of questions, etc. I am going to update the account information for the trust fund as some are wanting to do e-mail donations...I have not a clue what that is, but Landon got it together today after being asked if people could donate that way.

I have had a friend of Natasha (Taylor's Lovely Day home lady) contact hotels and we seem to have been given an offer from them for hotel accommodations! Woot! Woot! Also the site owner of Snow and Mud's boss at DF Technical has offered to pay for 3 people to fly to california and back(I guess if they go to Disneyland...LOL I think we are confused or undecided if its Disneyland or Disneyworld)

We are getting tons of support, tons of love! Thanks


craig said...

Hi Leah, I stumbled upon your blog via Twitter. My wife and I are in Sick Kids (8B) with our 2 year old son who has a brain tumour. My heart goes out to you.


Leah said...

Hi Craig, That is terrible. Is that in Edmonton's Stollery? Do you know what type of tumor? Is this a new diagnosis. I am sending your little guy some of my wishes, hopes!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I'm sorry about Taylors illness. I have walked in your shoes. I lost my 8 year old daughter in 2005 to a brain tumor.
I remember nurse Claire and Dr. Wilson, you are in great hands. The only advice that I can give you is....spend time together. I know it would be fun to go and do all these things, but don't fall into the rat race and hurry from here to there and back just to be able to check mark things of the list. Quality time together, that's all that matters now.
Thinking of you.

Leah said...

Sorry Anonymous for the loss of your daughter. I appreciate your kind words. I am not sure that we are simply checking off a list however. If you look closely you will see they are activities that spend time with Taylor. Taylor is not "sickly" so these are fun and exciting things she will like to do while she is healthy. The time involved in the "fundraisers" has been pushed off of Mindy and LAndon so that they can just enjoy, it kind of took off where we never expected that to happen. I completely understand your concern however as that totally is sometimes what happens. I think we saw that quickly and addressed it, but are going to try to utilize this in a positive direction. If it gets people involved so that Cancer in Children is important maybe we can find a cure! I sure hope so as too many kids are unfairly dealing with this disease.