Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting Day!


I just wanted to put out a quick word. Mindy and Landon love everyone who has been working so hard for them these past few days, weeks, months, years. THEY NEED PEOPLE TO STOP SENDING E-MAILS, TEXTS and PHONE CALLS! So sorry I really don't want to be sounding rude so please don't take it that way. They are overwhelmed as throughout the entire day people have been calling, texting, e-mailing their sympathies, asking questions, etc. They are spending the days stressed and unable to deal with grief as they feel obligated to reply to people as they know everyone means to be kind and to help.

As there go-between (at least that what I try) please contact me! or phone my home (780)467-9988 or cell (780)695-5550. I will PROMISE they will get your messages, but when they want them and can respond. You are all awesome, but probably don't realize the amount that come of the suggestions I will put out again is to send a card or letter with your feelings. If you have questions all you need to do is contact me and I will let you know.

Again we are BLESSED to have ALL OF YOU! They just really, really need some space as this is so quick and overwhelming.

Lots of Love,


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Patricia Rybchinsky said...

Hey Leah, I commented on the discussion topic on A Wish For Taylor. I have contacted the Kids with Cancer Society and they are willing to give Mindy and Landon and Taylor family passes to the waterpark and for Galaxyland as well. They will probably be trying to contact Mindy and Landon to see if they would be able to use them or not. I hope I haven't overstepped my boundaries by doing this, but I wanted to help in some way, and from previous experience I knew the KWCS has these passes. Now I am not sure if these passes include the ball pits/slides, I don't know if you have to pay seperate to use them or not..... My daughter Abby was doing treatments the same time as Taylor in 2009, and we feel blessed to have them in our lives and to be able to help in anyway that we can!


Patricia Rybchinsky better known as Abby's mom