Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Global is doing an interview

Hello all,

Exciting news! Taylor and Family will be interviewd Friday by Global! So exciting. I will let you know when I get the information.

Yesterday was the MRI. Taylor was scheduled for 12:30, but didn't get in until later at around 2:30, which was terrible as Taylor couldn't eat or drink ALL DAY! Mindy says she asked for food and drinks all day using ALL her words...nummies, chippies, watey, juice, get the picture. So she was cranky, but after the took her for chicken nuggets and fries at McDonald's (her favourite!). Mindy sais she snacked all night after that.LOL Poor thing! They did manage to get in their routine of playing jump on the bed, Mr.Pototoe Head, "Ringy"(a.k.a Ring-around-the-rosie), stickers, coloring, foam squares, etc!

Tomorrow the meeting is at 3:00, which I hope to attend so I can update. Mindy figures there really shouldn't be that different opinion on all of this, that they don't see options. Please send us some prayers, energy, hopes and wishes! Maybe, just maybe we will get a miracle!

Fundraising is still going on at lightning speed! There are bottle drives this weekend. If you can even just help by doing your own and depositing into the trust fund, then letting me know how you do, etc as eventually we would love to thank everyone!


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Unknown said...

Hi Leah,

Just wanted to get in touch and say thanks for the message on our blog. When I read it, I couldn't think who Taylor was, but as it turns out it was my husband Craig who left a message with you and that's why! He pointed me in the right direction and after reading about Taylor my heart is just breaking. She is SUCH an incredibly gorgeous little child and it is so exceptionally unfair that she should be stricken with this terrible, terrible disease. I am so, so sorry to hear the news about the most recent tumours. It is just awful and I'm sending all my prayers and positive energy towards Taylor, her parents and the rest of your family.

I will be thinking of you all and praying for a miracle, and that the medical team is able to come up with a course of treatment that may provide you all with some hope. It is NOT fair that these small children should suffer so, I have tears in my eyes just looking at the photos of Taylor, who looks the absolute picture of health and well-being.

Sending you positive thoughts today and hope you get some good news!

All the best,
Erica, Craig and Gavin