Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neuro-Psychologist Tomorrow

So they spoke briefly with the Neuro-psychologist, but will speak in depth tomorrow. When I know I will post. Basically at this point they figure from what the psychologist said was Taylor would be in say the lower stream of school, so if you have kids in the 10-1 stream that is the "academic" stream, whereas your 10-2 stream is more the technical school nothing to worry about! I teach both streams, which is what I am praying may be a reason Taylor came to our family.

We went for a bargain shopping hunt today. Taylor was fun, learning from Cousin Hayden how to run around stores climbing through racks, I was such a proud mother.LOL Awesome to see the kids in all their "kid" glory of irritating other shoppers.LMAO So tomorrow I will hopefully know more to tell you!
Picture is unrelated, but I just love pics of Taylor so I will try and add them in here so you all get to see our goosey girl!


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