Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Meeting results?

I know everyone is waiting for this update. I am sorry to say that it came back "inconclusive" and the Doctor's want yet more tests. AHHHH! They are unwilling or unable is probably the better word to give us answers. They still are unsure with these MRI results so we are left to wait again for more research and second, third, fourth , etc opinions! They still are encouraging that Mindy and Landon take some time to enjoy Taylor, go on a vacation instead of waiting for them to figure out what is going on.

So it looks like we need more prayers, more HOPE, more energy heading Taylor's way! My shared quote today is from my Cousin Lisa "Miracles created hope, with hope we can create miracles". Next week, I believe Thursday or Friday they are going to remove the PIC line now that radiation is not going to be done.

I am still catching up. Have had tremendous support, so many calls, e-mails, etc. I feel like I am running in circles, but I will get organized and try to let you know more as I know. Tomorrow I know they plan to play in the leaves! There will also be the "Global" interview. I heard that Sonic was talking about Taylor and we may also have Rob Christie and Audi Lens talk about them! So I will try and update more soon.

Just got word that Taylor's PIC line may be infected! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! Anyhow they had to cancel the Global thing and will be at the hospital getting it looked at tomorrow (cleaned, flushed, etc)


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