Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspiring Change!

Hi so I am writing about me, but kind of Taylor...

I had a physical a couple weeks ago. I was asked my regular questions by the doctor..."still drinking all that coke?", "Still smoking only a few cigarettes?", etc. I told her yes, she asked if I could quit...must have given her "the look" as she tried to soften her advice, she made excuses for me..."you're stressed", "maybe when things get less crazy in your life", "try some easy stuff"( I had told her about Taylor, etc)...anyhow, my blood pressure was high so she has me doing tests, etc. Basically the analysis was I am fat and need to exercise.

Anyhow, I was a bit shaken by the high blood pressure and just kept going over in my mind that day what had gone on. I had a bit of an epiphany I wanted to share.

I basically felt really dumb when my epiphany hit..."Taylor goes through so much...she is fighting for her life! What the hell am I doing throwing mine away?" All the things I was being asked to change are brainless...stop drinking so much pop, watch what I eat and do a little exercise throughout the day.

So I have quit drinking Coke, as well as quit smoking! Next on the list is a change of diet... and including through baby steps- exercise. I will start with only weekends and graduate up. But I am doing it and I will never look back! I will also try some dieting with Mindy as she wants to shed some baby fat also...mine is just lazy eat too much fat. LOL, ooooh and I am going to try to not drink beer, but wine..cannot give up alcohol...how would I cope...kidding!

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