Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taylor fought the Cancer Monster and kicked butt!


So Taylor is doing well. The Tumor was completely removed as was shown in the MRI today! YEAH!!!!!! Thanks for the prayers, love and support! Taylor has a black eye from the surgery a.k.a. fight with the Cancer Monster, but looks great. Cannot wait until we can pick her up and squeeze her. To see her amazing smile will be a dream come true!

The meeting on radiation went well. Because Taylor's cancer is so rare the studies are few and far. So basically the radiation will be shot in to the area the tumors were located to try and zap any cancer cells left. The line the radiation goes is apparently a great line as it is a straight as you could hope for in the brain area (Mindy says it is like beaming a light to zap the cells, so you want a straight line the light can curves on this bloody road please!). There is around a 5% chance of severe complications like brain damage, death, etc...not that bad of odds if you ask me! If Taylor after this radiation does not get any tumor growth for a year she has a 30% of living another year. If she gets through that year it goes to 50% she will live until she is 5 years old. Basically the longer without a tumor regrowth the higher mortality she has.

I know this sounds bleak, but it is not! If you consider she is the youngest to be diagnosed so early as well as the fact that it is rare so they really know very little I think she has a chance of defying these odds. She has already lived and thrived past their forecasting so to hell with them.LOL No we need them, but no negativity people believe she will live and she might just outlive us all!

Please continue you to pray for Taylor and send her love, hopes and wishes. All of your concern helps fuel us to continue fighting for Taylor. So thank you.

Dear God,

Thank you for protecting Taylor. Dr.Pugh's hands managed to get all the tumors, which we are so blessed to have done. Thanks for sending your angels to protect her, please keep them near her, I am sure they are all in love with her by is impossible not to be.

Please let her know my hopes and wishes will always be with her. Let her know how proud we are of her tonight for fighting this valiant battle the Cancer Monster is so scary I don't know that I could be so brave.

Please don't forget my sister, she has been so strong and amazing. She needs your guidance and strength. Make sure Landon knows how much we love him too, he has done such an amazing job of being a Dad. Continue to give my Mom strength. We are so blessed you sent her to us...I have never heard her complain no matter how exhausted she is for caring for all of us with her never ending love, patience and kindness to us when we need her. Bless Don and Roberta with an extra dose of strength... they love Taylor so much and worry. God please make sure that everyone who has been thinking of us and Taylor know how much their support means.

Please, please guide the radiation to any cells that remain so that Taylor can enjoy the life you have given her.



Anonymous said...

That is right Leah, she has defeated the odds already. We love her so deeply and can't wait to be crawling around on the floor with her again, or crawl awy as she 'scoots after us.

Clay, Paula and kids

Leah said...

Thanks, I know. me too!