Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not too much is new

Well hello there,

I have not had too much to report as of late. Taylor is doing great. She loves being home with her Daddy....a total Daddy's girl now. Mindy apparently comes home and she is happy to see her, but then quickly returns back to her Dad.LOL How fickle children are.LOL

Mindy is loving her return to work. As of now things are going great! Landon and Mindy got a great deal on a truck...Landon's Ranger was just not a safe car to be commuting in for either Mindy or Landon & Taylor (for her radiation treatments). So they have a great big truck no...their "adult" vehicle.LOL

Taylor starts radiation on the 16th, so we need to get our prayers, positive karma and well wishes going! I will keep you posted when this all begins. She has had a head cast made for keeping her head perfectly straight during radiation, but not much else has occurred. Taylor has received her Flu & H1N1 shots also for those who may have been wondering. Taylor is also headed to the Dentist (I think this week) to check on her teeth. Landon was concerned that they were discoloured and may have rot coming due to drinking Apple Juice or Chemo? I think that is the least of our worries, bit Landon is on top of things!

Taylor had a great Halloween being a Monkey! She even was allowed to eat chocolate bars...apparently she likes Aero's and Reese Pieces! Her love also has followed her Dad as I guess she can pack away the ice cream! LOL So if you ever want to bring her something you know have the list.LOL Kidding. She is walking up a storm and apparently does some funny little quick walk Mindy calls a "run" LOL cannot wait to see. She did not do while she visited me on Saturday.

Okay so I will hopefully have something more exciting to report soon,

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