Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am sooo excited!

Well I left Taylor, Mindy, Landon and Mom early yesterday at 8:00pm as I was tired (cannot even imagine how tired they are) and wanted to see my kids before they were in bed.LOL So when I spoke to Mom I got what happened after I left. As you can remember from yesterdays post, Taylor was on a great recovery. Taylor seems to be getting her old self back quickly. She was reaching for peoples food, eating up a storm, etc.

Early in the day yesterday the Speech and Language Pathologists said we were okay to feed Taylor some food (we were not doing this as we were not sure we could, so she had bottles only up until then). So Mindy began feeding her yogurts yesterday...soon after this though Taylor began reaching her arm out when she saw anyone eating before the "okay" from Speech and Language Dr.Mindy and Dr. Josie decided Taylor was okay to eat more solids, albeit softer ones. So Taylor had her popcorns twists, a dinner of mushed roast beef potatoes and peas(she did not eat the peas, but spit those back out as fast as they came in.LOL). We had Pizza and Wings last night, which of course led to Taylor having Pizza. I told Mindy she could get in trouble of Speech and Language walked in seeing her holding a pizza slice up to Taylor's mouth.LOL

Needless to say it was great seeing Taylor at it again. She always has to have what we are eating, food is a very special time for Taylor as she gets soo much enjoyment from it.LOL

Okay so when I left they were about to bathe her. They did, which she did not care for as she likes to be able to move around and splash, which she could not do (for obvious reasons). Apparently she was in a lot of pain ( Grandma Josie claims they were not wanting to give her codeine,but Mindy and Landon "made" them...hmm, maybe they did the gangsta hustle to scare them? LMAO well maybe not!)

As soon as drugs were making her comfortable I guess Taylor was smiling....real smiles!!!!!!She was turning her mouth up a bit earlier, which I knew was a smile, but not FULL SMILE! Woot!Woot! As well she was giggling and acting silly! She was laughing at my Mom telling her "Nooo,nooo,Noo Taylor" as well Mom took her for a walk around the Oncology where she is used to everything and apparently she was throwing the toys around in the playroom as she usually does.LOL So Angel Taylor had an absolutely amazing day. DOctors predicted we might see her coming very slowly back to herself on Sunday...see they are wrong, wrong, wrong! Taylor just keeps saying "to hell with the odds, I AM TAYLOR!"

Keep praying and sending positive vibes. I will try and get a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard up there today and see if she likes it!LOL

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