Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Information about the Taylors future

Hi everyone,

We all are a bit shell shocked by the information we received yesterday on Taylor's MRI. Taylor has 3 Tumor growths that are growing rapidly. Two are the size approximately of half a pinky finger and one is half of that. Taylor will have surgery for removal on Tuesday October 6th. Dr. Pugh (a.k.a. Dr. McDreamy) is going to do her surgery again. Dr.Pugh will remove the tumor and then get an immediate MRI to check he has everything he can and remove anything he misses. He is clearing his entire schedule so as to focus on Taylor...he says Taylor is "special" to him (yes he said all his cases are special, but Taylor holds an extra special status) so he will give her his best! Yeah! God Bless Dr.McDreamy!

Surgery will remove the left frontal lobe of her brain that is dead so that the cancer cannot hide out there(I think this is right, but Mindy always corrects me when I am wrong.LOL it is like the game telephone you play as a child...remember how things get distorted.), as well they remove the tumors...duh! When Taylor is healed up she will get radiation every day for 5 weeks (I think just 5 days a week though, not 7). After this it will be followed by an MRI to check...after that we will have decisions being made what to do for Taylor. Mindy and Landon still need to speak with the radiologists to see what impact this will have. It will cause learning delays that could be anywhere from moderate to severe...hard to say. Mindy and Landon at this point are focused on the "quality" of Taylor's life, not the length. We really cannot think to far in advance as Taylor has been a miracle from the beginning. She seems to be more resilient than anyone could have expected. Doctor's apparently are actually astounded she survived the first year as well as even thrived in becoming such a normal happy baby! So this should take us all up to Christmas with this first stage.

I need to again ask everyone to send Taylor all your wishes, prayers, or whatever the heck has been making this work...we have had such a blessed year and it has been because of everyone. I reflect all the time on how much having such an amazing group of people supporting and rooting for Team Taylor has helped us survive this year.

I am praying that surgery goes amazing, that the radiation kills the cancer for good, and Taylor comes out feisty as ever. I think Taylor has been put here to make are hearts bigger, to make us stronger, to make us think of others. I know I always reflect on the fact that others may be going through some tragic things and that I shouldn't cuss people out in traffic, I should extend smiles freely, help where I can, because you just never know. Seems silly that it took Taylor to make me really get this, but it did! Taylor will always be my shining star on a dark night that guides my way...

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