Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Surgery was successful!

Well it was a very, very long day. Taylor's surgery got bumped back until later in the day. Taylor was operated on once to remove the tumors, then she was sewed back up, MRI was done, than another part of a tumor was still left so Dr. McDreamy went back in to get it. So at around 10:00pm tonight she was done for the day. It was basically about 10hrs...she is going to be kept sleeping due to such a long surgery to help her recover and get the rest she needs.

All looks well, Dr. Pugh said she did great and he is happy with what happened. They are going to try and get another MRI to double check tomorrow if possible, but maybe thursday if they cannot fit her in tomorrow.

Landon and Mindy also will have a meeting tomorrow about the radiation. They will get some stats, etc of what to expect with radiation. Apparently it is done at the Cross Cancer Institute... the radiation, not the meeting. So more news tomorrow. Please continue praying and sending out your positive helps, never believe it doesn't.

Must sleep as I am a bit tired.

Dear God,

Keep protecting my Shining Star, she has fought so hard. Keep the angels watching over her. Thank you for the gift that Taylor has given us, she shows us the true beauty of life. Please watch over my family tonight and the days to come. Difficult decisions will need to be made and we need your guidance to protect Taylor.


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