Saturday, October 10, 2009

Food drop offs?


So I thought I would ask if anyone wanted to do up a meal or something to drop off for Mindy and Landon? We order out a lot as it is the only thing to do because we cannot cook ourselves generally because we are at work or at the hospital. We are making them a Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, but anyone interested could let me know if they would mind doing that? Landon will be back to work after Monday so Mindy will be there with Taylor. Basically she needs lunch & supper, breakfast if your feeling food savvy. They seem to be dreaming of "comfort" food...a.k.a basic foods like roastbeef, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, porkchops, shepperds pie, etc....I think you catch what I am throwing down.LOL SO if you would like you can:
e-mail me:
or phone me:
(780) 467-9988 (home)
(780) 695-5550 (cell)

I amy not answer so just leave a message. I have a bunch of running around to out for the crazy in the stores and on the may be me.LOL

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