Thursday, November 30, 2017

People Have Been Asking

Gifts from Newfoundland

I have had many people asking if they can donate or help Mindy and Landon. At this point they are not asking for anything. I am posting this for people who just really want to do something.

We do not know what is to come. So it is hard to plan, or know what needs to be done. Some people have already donated things to them, and they are keeping a separate account right now as an emergency fund for that money. They plan to use it as they need, if they need. I know people have said they don't care, use the money to do stuff with Taylor. So that is what they plan to do, and with whatever monies that are left over, they will eventually donate that to some of their favorite charities: The Stollery, Make-A-Wish, Kids with Cancer Society, Neurosurgery Kids Fund.

If things stay good, Mindy may want to throw a party for Taylor: Dance Party/Uno Party. Of course, we have no idea at this point and are going day by day. Taylor is good now, but not sure what the timeline for her health will be. Taylor's list is so damn cute, so I will share:

  • Location: inside place
  • good pop dance music
  • balloon animals
  • face paint
  • hair braiding
  • bouncy castle
  • puppies theme
  • ice cream
  • cupcakes-vanilla
  • watermelon
  • grapes
  • chips
  • People: Family, kids from class, friends of Mom & Dad's and their kids.
So for those who wish to donate a monetary gift to Mindy, Landon and Taylor I will suggest making an email transfer. You can send it to either of them at:

Do not feel you need to donate. This is just for anyone who has been wanting to, and I have been putting you off, LOL. I had Mindy and Landon discuss this last night as I have had people inquiring. They are not having any financial issues, so I want to be clear. This is just for those who want to do this, it will be for doing things with Taylor, emergencies, and later to be donated. 

People have been beyond generous. Taylor has loved the gifts she has received. Mindy and Landon have had some very thoughtful gifts as well, such as gift card to the kennel they take Marley to when needed. There are many gifts when you consider: food deliveries to hospital, laundry done when they were in hospital, snow removal, prayers, wishes, hopes and love sent. These are so important as you can't put a price on everyone's loving thoughts, prayers and wishes. Thank you all for your generous gifts already given in so many ways!

Taylor went skating on Tuesday, but was frustrated when her legs were not working the way she wanted them to, but yesterday they went swimming and Taylor had a blast. 
Taylor Painting her Christmas Presents

Enjoying her Blizzard she purchased with her gift card

Dinner at Lingnan's

Ami and Taylor-Ami is an owner of Lingnan's and her and her daughter who showered her with gifts. Such an amazing and kind woman!

Taylor wrapping her first batch of presents at my house :) She was so excited. She loves Christmas and has such a list of gifts to buy, LOL.


Edwina said...

I am so glad she is looking happy. and You guys are keeping her busy. With her not in school her days must seem long. She is so lucky to have you Auntie Leah. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Still hoping for the best. Love u all.