Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bittersweet…a Shattered Mess

On Thursday November 23rd we had the meeting for the results on Taylor’s biopsy. We were warned multiple times that the results were not good, but we held hope to our chests. 

I ask that this information being shared is kept private, Taylor does not know. Out of respect that means please do not share with anyone that might slip and say something to her, if they should see her.

Thursday we were told that the type of cancer Taylor has is new, infiltrating astrocytoma. This type of cancer requires it to be cut out. Her location of the tumour however is inoperable. It is untreatable otherwise. The feeling is that the cancer is a result of the radiation she received at a year old. Generally this is a reason they do not like to radiate so young, but at the time you worry about the battle in front of you, not ahead. 

Make a Wish came and spoke to Taylor yesterday. All of us are trying to spend time with her. She has really been driven to buy Christmas presents for everyone, so I have taken her shopping and we have done some crafts. She is really go, go, go, but you can see the impacts the tumour has had on her energy, coordination and sight. She is supposed to wear an eye patch as her eye lid is not closing or blinking, which is a problem. Taylor feels embarrassed about the eye patch and is very hesitant to wear it. 

Please respect that MIndy and Landon do not want to be bombarded by people expressing their sorrow. Express it on Facebook or the blog we have set up for Taylor. 

Mindy and Landon are pouring their energy and love into Taylor. They are overwhelmed by all the people who meaning well are sending them texts and phone calls offering help, or telling them how sorry they are about all of this. They are busy with coordinating appointments for Taylor, and doing things with Taylor. 

They know everyone cares and feels bad. 

DO NOT CALL or TEXT! I will find you. 

Consider how this feels. Consider how much time you are stealing from them, as they get so many people calling, well meaning, but it is too much. 

STOP! Call me, text me. I am the in-between. I will share with them when appropriate. I know people feel bad. 

This is so heartbreaking and has shattered our hearts. 

Taylor’s Auntie Leah

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