Friday, December 1, 2017


Mindy and Taylor getting Pedicures for their trip
Pretty toes

Make-A-Wish came and spoke to Taylor on Monday. They leave for a Disney cruise on Sunday! Super quick. They will head to Bahamas and have two days at DisneyWorld. Wahoo! So to prepare for this Mindy and Taylor went for a pedicure yesterday. I asked Taylor to show me her toes tonight and found out she had taken all the nail polish off as "it was burning" on her toes...LOL but I think they had fun.

Yesterday super sucked for Taylor. She had two failed IV attempts and then was sent down to anesthesia people and they got it on their first poke. They also froze her, which was good. Then she had to go to the Cross Cancer for her CT and mask making for Radiation Therapy. They make a hard plastic mask with little holes in it and it clips into the table, so they have to stay super still as they are mapping for the Radiation Therapy(RT). Then they had a really long wait as the guy ahead of Taylor kept moving, so they had to redo the scans ahead of her...she had to sit with the mask on for 20 minutes, and it was horrible!

During the MRI Mindy held her leg and had her heart break as she said the machine is so loud you can't really talk or anything, and she could see her chest and she was crying off and on. I think Mindy should get a Super Hero Momma badge.

I know so many Mom's and Dad's of kids with these medical problems really deserve huge rounds of applause. I think I would lose my mind.

Grandparents playing Uno
Taylor got an early visit from all her grandparents. Taylor is a real Uno shark and I recommend to her that she should start playing for money, LOL.

Taylor met again with Make-A-Wish tonight and was so excited they stopped by to tell us about it and show us all the super thoughtful gifts they gave her: carry on MinnieMouse, Minnie Mouse stuffy, camera, cool drinking cup, sunscreen, etc. She was so tired and so silly! Tomorrow we are going to do a little shopping for her trip, and then they are off on Sunday.


Unknown said...

The make a wish group ate an awesome bunch! I hope they all have a fabulous trip. They certainly deserve it ��

Unknown said...

The question marks were supposed to be smiley faces

Mel said...

You said it, Leah...the moms and dads of these amazing kids deserve a huge ahout-out for the bravery and strength they show for their babes. As devastating as it is for the aunties, uncles, nannies, poppies, cousins and friends, there's no way to put into words what the parents are going through.

Leah said...

Sharon, yes, Make-A-Wish is so fantastic. They co-ordinate and plan it all and are so amazingly thoughtful. They are such superstars. I have had issues with how my posts and emoji's show up as well, especially when I write on my phone app.

Mel, you are so right. Yes, aunties, uncles, nana's, grandpa's, etc. are devastated, but its not the same as the parents. I think about that everyday and throughout it. The time and energy they must put out. They have to keep going and going and I cannot imagine the sheer exhaustion and energy that takes. Then they have the emotional. The decisions are one of the things that are some of the toughest the the majority of us will never make. Parents of these amazing kids are true superhero that so frequently get ignored or misunderstood. I just want them to know they are my heroes!