Thursday, November 23, 2017



I just wanted to put a post up on donations. Mindy and Landon are concerned that people will take advantage of their situation, ask for handouts or donations for them. This has happened in the past where someone has tried to falsely get stuff in Taylor's name. If you do ever see anyone doing this, other than through me or Mindy and Landon, please let us know and DO NOT give anything. At this point Mindy and Landon are fine. They can manage and are not in a financial bind or anything.

We are extremely grateful to all who brought food to the hospital while they were in there: Josie Checknita, Don and Roberta Thiessen, Cheryl Bodnar, Michelle Olivares, Lorna Dancey, Kelli Parks, Jenn Harris, Melanie Shockey, June Nypiuk, Kelly Atwell, Brandy Riendeau, Ronald McDonald House. You are all heroes for stepping up and providing food when I could not. We had many others not named who tried to offer other ways to donate, which is greatly appreciated. I am so happy we were able to cover the time they were there.

Taylor has received gifts from her school, a gorgeous blanket, colouring activity book, colouring pencils, which she loved. Mindy and Landon's chiropractor gave her an art jar and a DQ gift card, which she is over the moon about and can't wait to buy a blizzard. The chiropractor's mom also gave Taylor two lovely Christmas ornaments and a snowman stuffy that she was proudly showing off and bringing around with her today.

Kids with Cancer has also provided monies to Mindy and Landon to cover general expenses from their Family Support Fund.

The Neuro team at U of A also gave Taylor a bunch of goodies.

LandSharx in Edmonton has generously added Mindy and Landon's home to their list to receive snow removal services this year. (Kayla Cullimore was the contact and their company website is or phone: 780-451-6600) In case anyone is looking for a service for snow removal I recommend checking them out.

All of this is beyond generous, and shows such amazing and kind people in this world. We thank you for your big hearts. I know I may have missed someone or something, and for that I am sorry.

I just am worried that people will feel they need to donate or do something. Honestly do not feel like you need to do anything at this point. If things change I will let people know. All I ask at this point is for prayers, strength, hope and positive karma headed Taylor's way.

Taylor is special, I know I am her auntie, but she is and I just don't care what anyone thinks. She has always been a shining star in a dark night for me. She stole my heart right at the start and the world is a better place with her in it. Taylor would like to be a Veterinarian or a teacher. She has a warm and kind heart.

"When you think hope is gone, that is when you need to look farther than your eyes can see."-Peter Kasule

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