Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Slowly seeing imporvements

Taylor is doing much better today. She still can't have a lot of pain meds, but she seems to be managing it and able to sleep, so that is good. She was much more with it today, chatting up a storm, demanding her nightgown get changed, removal of some of the tubes, etc. LOL She hates the bed as it inflates and adjusted to help prevent bed sore and such, so she again demanded that it be turned off/unplugged, LOL so it was and she is sleeping in a flat mattress. The catheter was also removed so she gets to pee in a bed pan...she made sure to share all her issues when I went to visit her. Landon climbed up and hung a towel up to block some of the light that was bothering Taylor, displaying again his Daddy superpowers!

Enjoying a popsicle

Mindy and Landon don't have a room or bed tonight, but hope that they can get one tomorrow. Hopefully Taylor continues to improve and they can be moved out of PICU. Mindy and Landon actually took advantage to get some sleep last night as their nurse that was on is ABSOLUTELY rockstar of a nurse was on. I am an idiot and did not save her name in my reminders, so I will have to get it from Mindy brains slightly fried tonight.

The chair is comfy

Getting some rest!

Landon figures the nurses like him as they brought him a comfy chair tonight

Taylor was very pleased with the gift I brought her that Ms. Reaney from the school. We went through the card her classmates and school staff made her, and you could see she was really happy. She loves blankets, and so the blanket she was given was a perfect gift as was the activity book and pencil crayons...looks like they have some colouring to do!

She has not eaten solids yet, but apparently was feeling super hungry earlier and dreaming of the chicken nuggets, fries, pizza and a long list of Taylor delights to eat. Hopefully tomorrow she can move into eating some solids.

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