Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Relaxing at Home

Taylor trying the beret I got her in Paris

Mindy, Landon and Taylor have been enjoying some down time at home. Taylor is slowly feeling better and regaining some strength, although she is still off balance, with some vomiting. Mindy and Landon have had Taylor wanting them around 24/7, and she sleeps with them as she has been vomiting at night and is so off balance they worry about her injuring herself. Needless to say I don't think they have been having the best sleeps. We came up with an idea to try last night, one of our cots with a mattress pad that she could put by their bed...I think this may do the trick for now.

There has been more laughing, and smiles from our beautiful girl, which is pure joy. Grandpa Don and Nana Roberta have been wonderful in helping with Taylor, playing endless games of Uno, LOL.

Cheryl truly was my angel while I was away in Paris, so indebted to her kindness in ensuring Mindy, Landon and Taylor were looked after.

Thank you to all who generously brought food and snacks to the hospital for Mindy and Landon. Mindy and Landon laughed that they were eating better at the hospital then they would be at home. You are all such angels!

We now wait to see what the biopsy will bring and what happens next. I will need to request that everyone give Mindy and Landon some space to deal with this when it happens.

We are scared.

This is always sheer terror, it NEVER gets easier.

Taylor needs your prayers, hope, strength, all positive energy going her way. We beat the monster before, I believe through sheer will and hope that people gave her. She needs you again.

I will update again when I can, and let people know if they can help. Right now its getting Taylor feeling better and having some "normal" in her life.

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