Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walk for Kids with Cancer was today!


So lots has been going on lately. Mindy and Taylor were released from the hospital on Friday, which Mindy was very, very happy for as she was really, really tired. Taylor is awesome and looks great. She is motoring around, enjoying her new found freedom. 

We had the Walk for Kids with Cancer today. I was late so I can't tell you how that part went. I still did the walk, but there were not too many around when me and the kids walked.LOL Taylor was in excellent spirits. We compiled all of our pledges and managed to raise over $500. Hopefully next year we can raise more as well as perhaps be on time.LOL

Taylor has her next surgery on wednesday, which hopefully will be the i-vac(could be i-vad, but I never seem to get them right). After the new tube is inserted they will more than likely give her chemo. We are going to attempt a trip to Kelowna Mindy, the kids and me so that should be really interesting. We are hoping that the i-vac is what they put in so that she can play in the lake at Kelowna.

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