Monday, June 15, 2009

Surgery scheduled for Wednesday

So Taylor's surgery is scheduled for Wednesday morning. They are planning on putting in the I-Vad, which will be so wonderful in comparison to the Broviac. I won't have to worry about maintaining it 3 times a week, keeping the exit site dry, and keeping the tube pinned up and out of Taylor's grabby hands - which I think will be the best part. We also will be able to go SWIMMING!!! Taylor LOVES the water now, so she will probably enjoy this the most.

So we will likely start chemo on Wednesday or Thursday and will be in the hospital for 5 days or so (based on the last time she had this chemo) as she has to clear it out of her system before we get discharged. So, we will likely be spending Father's Day in the hospital.

Taylor has become a very fast crawler and has been pulling herself up on furniture. She gets a devilish grin while heading for the dog toys, dog bowls, cords, etc...anything she isn't supposed to have. She is quite funny, everytime she sees water, a sink running water, etc she thinks she is going to have a bath and gets very excited...and then very disappointed. She is a very silly little girl.

The Kids with Cancer walk went well, between Landon and my mom and Leah, we raised over $1100 for the cause and got to enjoy a lovely morning getting some fresh air and exercise. We hope to see you all out there next year (we are thinking of making some cool T-shirts or something).

Have a great week and Leah will likely provide some updates later in the week when more action happens!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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