Saturday, June 20, 2009

Had a short visit with Mindy and Taylor

Taylor is being flushed right now of the chemo (completely normal as it is done after each chemo). This one though takes awhile so they could be in for another few days. Brought Mindy some sandwiches and pasta for dinner. She is good as is Taylor, but Taylor is really bored. It is hard being in the hospital for Mindy right now as there is never a "break" from entertaining Taylor who is not very happy sometimes as she is bored. Don't get me wrong, Taylor is doing great, but after awhile she gets whiney as she cannot do much with tubes in her and she cannot crawl around on the hospital floor and explore like she would do at home. Anyone feeling bored could go up to the hospital and watch Taylor for an hour or two would let Mindy get some breathing time in. I should have today, but needed to put some time in with my kids as I have not been home much due to going to the hospital to see Taylor last week and this week. I will be done my last week of school next week so I will try and do that when I am off in the summer. 

But overall all is good and we are really looking forward to our trip down to Kelowna!

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