Friday, June 19, 2009

Dropped in for a visit today

Well I swung by the hospital today. Taylor is getting her chemo today. She is looking great. Full of energy and lots of trouble.LOL She is behind the bars of the crib at the hospital and looks like a caged monkey.LOL She peeks out and bangs the rails while standing. For a change of scenery we took her for a very short stroll around and around and around and around the unit...we cannot leave the unit during chemo, which sucks as there is a very limited amount to see.LOL

I brought KFC for Mindy (I know such a healthy choice. I will bring something better tomorrow when I have some time to cook). It seems every time I want to eat Taylor thinks I have something so delicious she must have it, so inevitably I am forced to share (damn kids!LMAO). We had her in a highchair where she could not keep her hands off the poutine, but at the same time was acting like we were asking her to play with disgusting worms.It looked really funny. She would put her hands completely in the poutine and then keep shoving loads of french fries and gravy in her mouth. SHe would keep it there awhile moving it around and then spit it all out. Such a goofball!

On a better note Dr.McDreamy swung by to see Taylor. Apparently Taylor was sleeping so he did not TAKE A PICTURE, but he will take one tomorrow! LOL SO we may get some pics of the good doctor up.LOL What is so friggin awesome is that he has been looking at all her MRI's as they have been done and he thinks that there is nothing left, that the spots are just blood from the surgery, which is completely normal with head surgery! He believes they really may have gotten all the tumor (cancer) so maybe if we cross every body part we can she may never get it back...I will always dream and wish that for Taylor...Good night all!

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