Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And things were going so great...

Well Taylor got sick yesterday. She had a fever and her broviac line swelled up and was red. Mindy took her to the Stollery Emergency where I eventually met her and we waited....

It sucked as they had to run tests which are never fun. Booger test was sticking a very long thin tube up her nose that then goes down the back of her throat...quick, but a bit painful I would think. The nurses were all efficiency, but I feel a bit too "efficient". Then there was a urine test, which meant literally shoving a catheter repeatedly up there and pushing her into various positions while she screamed, cried and tensed up. This was truly painful. I am still very angry about this as I do not believe they would have manhandled an adult this way. Eventually Taylor peed all over them while this occurred, which serves them right! Next came blood tests, which they could not use the Broviac as it was "contaminated", so she got poked twice and it was done.  Then finally it was a x-ray where her Broviac is to see what was going on there. She basically has her hands in the air and is squished into a test tube! That did look kind of funny and she was not too upset with that. So we waited and waited. I left around 10:30pm. Mindy did not get a room until 1:30 am. So needless to say they are a bit tired.

Today they started thinking she could have a blood clot in her jugular that may have caused the Broviac to burst. Luckily after an ultrasound, which was another trial according to Mindy, they discovered it was not a blood clot. So as far as I can tell the Broviac is broken and they will be doing surgery to remove it for 48 hours and then redoing the line. Mindy hopes that they may use a different method than the Broviac, so we will see. They need to wait to get rid of the infection before doing anything more than removing the Broviac, which must be causing the infection. Taylor is still red and swollen by her Broviac line, but definitely seems in  better spirits.

So we wait and see. I wish for Taylor that all goes well and they find a better solution than the Broviac as this would be her third one...how many scars will she have on her if they have to continue doing this? She is also now hitting the potential that she may pull it out as she is more mobile. I will keep you posted!


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