Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taylor had her Broviac surgery this morning

This morning Taylor had her surgery to remove the damaged Broviac line. All went well other than they found a pus pocket. They sent it away to be analyzed to make sure they were giving her the right antibiotics to treat the infection. Mindy feels she is responding well to the antibiotics. Mindy says she was in good spirits today other than being more sleepy than usual. They will not be doing the surgery until next week to install the other line. It looks like they will be putting in an i-vad line, which will be much better I think. I believe with this one there will be not as many issues with things getting into it. So maybe they will be able to leave tomorrow which I am sure that they will both be happy about! Chemo will be delayed until the new line goes in, so maybe next week when she gets the new line they will also do chemo.

The "Walk for Kids with Cancer" is this weekend. 

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