Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taylor is doing great!

Well today I was privileged to spend some time with Mindy and Taylor. We had some running around to do in preparation for our Cousin Kristen's Baby shower. We ran around and Taylor was great. So happy it is so amazing. I got to hold her, which is always exciting. Her personality is changing so much. She is just so happy. I think she is happier now that she can do more. She is always moving around and bouncing. She loves to squeal. Her playing strange days seem to be over. Her new favorites are pudding and popcorn twists. I must take credit for the popcorn twists as I brought a huge bag for Mindy in the hospital for her as I remembered how much my daughter liked them as a baby. Apparently they are "baby crack" her eyes seem to glaze and she gets excited when she sees the bag.LOL

Mindy & Taylor are staying at my mom's. Mindy is going to go with her friend Danielle to the stollery as Danielle's son Benjamin has bronchial pneumonia and needs support. So scary when babies get sick. So pray for little Benji that he gets better soon. I am sending my positive wishes out to them.

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