Sunday, May 10, 2009

Okay so I am gonna start my harassment kidding, but kind of.LOL

Hello, So I have officially signed my family up for the "Walk for Kids with Cancer". It is on June 14th, 2009. It is a great cause as money will be donated to kids with cancer foundation...duh! My family is "Wishes for Taylor" and Mindy & Landon are just called the boring "Thiessen Team" wow you think they could be more creative.LOL I recommend coming out or doing a pledge to help raise money and awareness. There is a BBQ and you get a cool well you get to hang out with me & Mindy...."the cool kids" LMAO 

Anyhow, I was lucky to get out there to see them on Mother's Day. Taylor will probably go in this week if they have room. She did not go in last week as her counts were down. She was a bit crabby Mindy said (she seemed pretty good to me though) because she is "backed up". Hopefully she gets her pipes cleaned out so she feels better. 

Taylor has pretty much lost any hair she was born with, but no is springing up some fuzz on her noggin. Too cute. She looks so funny watching her "shows" (Baby Einstein & Treehouse) as she is so involved she smiles, talks and laughs with what is going on in the program. Too cute. I never realized kids could be that involved.LOL She hangs out in her excosaucer and jolly jumper or her little "mat/pillow play area".

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