Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Next Chemo

Since today is Wednesday, we are supposed to be getting admitted for chemo today. We aren't sure if there will be beds available, and are kind of hoping that we get delayed a few days at least so that we can stay in the hospital for an extra day or two. This next chemo is really hard on Taylor and we seem to get out the next day, but return a few days later because her back hurts and she refuses to we are hoping that this one goes better. We were thinking that if she stays for a few extra days that if she needs morphine for the pain, than they can give it to her, as the codeine doesn't seem to help at all with this one. Poor little thing.

We had a great Easter weekend, got some visiting in with family, some work done in the garage, enjoyed some of the warm weather, but again forgot to relax. Taylor and I went to the Stollery Monday morning for bloodwork - her hemoglobin was really low on Thursday morning, but since we had left to visit Enbridge they weren't able to do a blood transfusion. So, the levels were up a bit on Monday morning, but still quite low. They figured they would let us go a little longer before she needs a transfusion, to see how she does. We also went to visit Great Granny Thiessen and Great Auntie Linda on Monday, which was nice, it has been too long. I also had a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning, so Nana Roberta babysat for us. Taylor had a great time being the centre of attention as usual - god bless grandparents :)

So, we are off to the Stollery again for her physical with the doctor, and maybe more bloodwork and/or a transfusion. I am crossing my fingers that we don't get admitted today as I haven't packed up our stuff. I have been feeling especially lazy lately, probably due to being so busy.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Keep them coming, as they seem to be working.


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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