Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well Taylor is not feeling so good

As expected Taylor seems to not be feeling well today. She has not eaten much. Mindy will probably take her in tomorrow unless she begins a miraculous recovery tonight...not likely though. Mindy is also going to visit another family that has a very young girl going in for heart surgery. I know all your prayers and thoughts will be going out to these people in this time of distress.

It has been a crazy a 7 months thus far. Who would have seen all this coming? I know though that this has also been an amazing time. We have all pulled together and grown as people. I cannot believe how much love we can have for people. You think that things are amazing until you find yet more things to keep you enthralled. Taylor is such a blessing. She has made our lives richer. I am completely amazed by Mindy and Landon. They have been I think the best people to have dealt with such a trying situation and make it look so easy. They are truly up to the task. Mindy is the most amazing, loving and kind mother I have ever seen (our mom is pretty amazing too!). When I look at all my stresses and juggling I cannot fathom how they seem to do it all and so positively. Bless their hearts!

I will let you know how things go tomorrow unless Mindy beats me to it! LOL Sending out all my love tonight...Taylor I hope you feel better tonight, you deserve it!

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