Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chemo is done, just having saline or whatever it is run through


So Taylor had her chemo yesterday. She was a bit out of sorts. When I came at lunch I brought Mindy a Big Mac and fries...Taylor ate some fries until she eventually choked, as well as had french fry bits all over her bed.LOL Then she was completely MAD as she wanted the Big Mac. I don't think I ever saw a baby swoop into trying to grab something as she did when Mindy put her in her Bumble chair near where the Big Mac was sitting.LOL

Anyway she seemed sick yesterday and had a problem with the first catheter insertion. She was too upset so they could not do it until the night nurses came on, apparently they did it on the first try, God Bless the night nurses! Mom was a bit upset watching the whole process. She was near tears that they were "hurting her" (Taylor). Very sad, but something that has to happen. 

Taylor though is back in great spirits today according to Mindy, which is awesome. They should be out probably tomorrow. I guess Landon got a snowmobile (they have been saving to see how they do by being more conservative) so he is off for a "boys" trip on Saturday. I would have a Girl's night other than I am feeling very sick, so should probably just stop for awhile.

But the funniest thing is Taylor's determination. She wrestles the spoon with Mindy when she tries to feed her. Anything that goes anywhere near her head causes her mouth to open and try to taste (Grandma thinks she looks like a baby bird.LMAO). And Mindy says Taylor no longer wants to breast feed as she prefers bottles. She will not eat until she is given a bottle, no matter how long she goes without food (not that Mindy is starving her.LOL). She is now over 17 pounds (I think 17 pounds 2 ounces?) losing that new baby look, looking so much older which is scary that time goes so fast!

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