Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter everyone!

Leah and family have gone on a fabulous and long overdue vacation to the coast for some retail therapy. They are on Spring Break right now, and I am pretty sure that if Leah didn't get away, she would be getting admitted to a "special" hotel to recover from a mental break. I think the school system needs more teachers aides to help is truly amazing how much work is expected from one teacher each and every year - Thank goodness there are such dedicated teachers out there that love their jobs!

Well, during our last hospital stay Taylor cut her two bottom front teeth - which everyone in the hospital got to experience with us, as she yelled and screamed about her teething experiences, ensuring everyone knew the agony she was going through. She didn't cry or anything too terrible, just talked alot and VERY loudly. Some people thought it was pretty cute, but after a few days with no breaks and no ear plugs, I was happy that the teeth came and the volume turned down.

So, my baby has her two first teeth and has been enjoying scraping them on her cookies. She has been eating really well - I have been blending everything, which she has been enjoying (with the exception of Tikka Masala with chicken and rice - a type of Indian dish) She liked Butter chicken, so we thought we would try another kind, but she wasn't too fond of it. She now wants to eat whatever anyone else is eating around her, which she can often be distracted by giving her a baby cookie, thank goodness.

Taylor has certainly found her sense of humour in the last few days, we were at our friend's Birthday party on Thursday night, sitting around the campfire, and Taylor couldn't contain herself...she was laughing and laughing at the fire. She had never seen a campfire before, and for whatever reason she thought it was hilarious. It wasn't one of those evil laughs that we were worried about her becoming a pyromaniac or anything...but a sweet girly giggle.

She has been sitting up pretty much on her own, with the occasional topple over, and depending on her mood, will push herself on her tummy to grab things (she prefers to roll over and smile at you, hoping that a cute smile will win you over so you get it and hand it to her).

We are looking forward to Easter dinner tomorrow at Grandpa and Nana's house, now that they are back from Florida.

I hope you all have a great long weekend, and get to spend some time with those that matter most to you.

Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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