Monday, March 30, 2009

Chemo tomorrow...


So Mindy and Taylor had a nice long break. Taylor is doing amazing and looking absolutely amazing. I went for a visit this weekend which was great. She acted a bit strange, but she may just be punishing me for not being around much.LOL she is the most amazing girl.

I am totally loving the fact that she is so bloody head strong. She looks so funny in her jolly jumper. Looks like a little midget Irish dancer doing a jig...arms by her side and just hopping away. Got to love it!

Anyhow she is probably the most beautiful baby (aside from mine of course. LOL). Apparently today she was eating like a horse. MAybe she is growing...or maybe its all the Jolly Jumper exercise!

Mindy is looking fabulous as always, kidding, she does look great though. Hope we can swing a Girls night soon.

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Edwina Franco said...

Well I went to the hospital for a visit today to witness wonderful Taylor and to see Mindy, because it feels like forever. Well I was amazed at how good Taylor is. I also witnessed her woofing down her supper and fighting for the spoon to do it herself.Mindy had concocted? is that a word up a meal for her in the blender. I do believe Roast Beef with pasta and a sauce which had garlic and everything in it. She then had some dessert and her bottle. She will be full even if she doesnt have an appetite after her chemo tomorrow. She is growing and the nurses checked her on the charts and she is PERFECT !!! THE RIGHT HEIGHT AND WEIGHT FOR A BABY HER AGE. Grandma Josie thinks she needs to eat lots and keep up because God forbid she lose a pound lol. We had laughs tonight about how much Josie fed Mindy as a baby and some of her ways of how she put her in a straight jacket so she couldnt put her hands in the food... tears were coming down we laughed so hard about that. Mindy laughed and says Mom says food is the answer for anything thats wrong. Gotta love Grandma she would do anything for her Miracle baby Taylor whom she is so dedicated. Visits all the time and keeps Mindy company.
I told Mindy I think Taylor has a strong constitution and will fight all the way-I am very happy for Landon, Mindy and Taylor that things are going so well. Keep it up Taylor- we all love you and are rooting for you.