Friday, November 13, 2009

A little girl has passed away with a brain tumor

We have some people we know that lost their 5 year-old daughter on Sunday. On Friday she complained of a headached and was feeling sick...after checking her out they found she had a brain tumor (She was perfectly healthy and happy before all of this), complications with surgery occured that left her brain dead, so on Sunday they let Rayanna off her machines and she passed away.

Today is her funeral. Mindy & Landon will be going to show their support to her family. This is such a nightmare for this family. Please pray for her Mom Carla and her Dad Steve. They will need a tremendous amount of strength and courage in the upcoming days, months, years. Rayanna was such a beautiful child. She was originally from Africa and Carla & Steve adopted her. She was a petite and inquisitive child.

I know Rayanna will be dancing among the stars, giggling with angels on the clouds. She will start her day helping God wake up the sun and then later tug down the moon...Bless you Rayanna, say hi to all of our loved ones up there.

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