Thursday, November 26, 2009

Radiation is going okay...

Radiation seems to be going okay for Taylor, she always seems to overcome these obstacles! Taylor is tired and some occasions has had bad nights. Hard to tell with everything going on in her development whether it is teethings as her little...or should I say big "basketball" teeth are coming in or whether it is side effects of the radiation.LOL She looks amazingly cute with her big teeth.

She was taught this week to stomp! Apparently Landon taught her this new skill, which she greatly likes to utilize. She is also calling Landon "Nanny"...Mindy says its soooo cute! Cannot wait to hear her. I have not seen Taylor for going on 2 weeks, so I am sorry I cannot say too much about her...I will try and see her this weekend and possibly add some new pictures as I finally got a camera.LOL My Christmas present, just a bit early.

I am adding a link for those that have not seen the video Landon's Dad made for Taylor. He created the video to thank the Stollery for all the amazing care they gave Taylor for the past year. Apparently CTV also saw it and is considering doing something on Taylor...cross your fingers as I would love to see that done! The link below will take you to a Kids with Cancer blog to view the video as well people can make donations to Kids with Cancer. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Showed all my students. My Drama 7/8 students sang away to the song it was very touching!

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