Saturday, November 14, 2009

Radiation begins Monday!

Well I got to see Taylor, Landon & Mindy today. She was doing great. Taylor was in amazing spirits today, happy as could be smiling and racing around. She does this funny thing no where she lies on her tummy and pushes herself backwards...very silly!

Taylor will begin radiation therapy at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton on Monday. Mindy & Landon will both be going. I don't believe there should be any side effects, but I will let you know.

Please make sure you keep praying and sending out positive energy to Taylor. I believe that is what has been keeping her going all this time, when they thought she would not make it...seems like the old Care Bear shows where they stand in a circle and shout "Care Bears Care" and then all this energy pours out of them to the person they are trying to help. Such a beautiful thing.

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