Monday, November 16, 2009

Need to share a story I was told tonight!

My friend Shaundell told me tonight a very interesting story. Shaundell said that the day of Taylor's surgery 3 men entered her store, but not before "blessing" themselves. Of course this peaked her interest so she asked what they were here for. Apparently one was from here and the 2 others from the Ukraine. They said that there have been many miracles occurring here so they came to investigate (things like a woman with Breast Cancer who suddenly it disappears). Shaundell mentioned Taylor to which the priests told her they would pray for her!

The one priest came back the other day to ask how Taylor was and how her surgery went. Shaundell told him how great she did, he said he would continue to pray for her with the upcoming radiation...just thought it was a cool story. Men investigating miracles and coming across our Taylor's story!

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