Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well hello there!

Hi ya',

SO Landon came home for the weekend, but has to go back on Tuesday. It was nice though that he was able to come back so soon. Everyone is feeling much, much better. Taylor is great. SHe had her first baby solids yesterday. Landon fed her rice cereal. Mindy wanted to wait for him to be there for that. SO cute. She really seems to be thinking about food as she watches you eat and then goes for a grab. LOL

Taylor is not playing strange anymore which is super cool. She is so nice to squeeze! Mindy figures she may be close to teething as she is doing power clamp downs on her soother and ripping it out of her mouth and it makes a snapping sound (That is Taylor ripping it out of her own  mouth, not Mindy...LOL that could sound really bad if people thought that)

Mindy looks good. I think she is losing weight as her face seems thinner. But she is great looking anyhow!LOL Taylor has had good counts so she should be back in for chemo on Wednesday. okay have a great week. I have to do a course tomorrow on "Level B testing"...I won't go there as most probably don't care and I will sound more mysterious to those who don't know what that is....LMAO I am just crazy....

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