Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things are not so good.

Mindy went today for Taylor's doctor's appointment. Apparently by Taylor's Broviac line it was red and hard. So anyways she has an infection. So Mindy is in the hospital now with Taylor (well actually I believe she is running around as she needed to go back home to get their stuff as well as take the dogs to Danielle's.). Apparently they will be taking out the broviac line, try to get infection gone, then put in a new Broviac line and then give chemo when her counts are back up...this means Mindy will more than likely be in the hospital for the next 2 weeks. This sucks. Apparently there are no cribs so Taylor is in one of the Newborn thingies...LOL she must look huge in the thing. Hopefully a crib opens up soon.

What can you do? Well I am actually not feeling great. So I can't go in to the hospital for now. Mindy will need food. Not too much as she can't possibly store food, but if you can bring something up for snacks, lunches, breakfast or dinner on some days that would be awesome. If you can let me know and I will pass that on to Mindy. Also I am not to sure, but will check, but maybe a visit. I think it must get pretty boring up there all day by yourself so maybe a quick coffee or something may help keep Mindy from going too crazy. I will keep you posted.

please e-mail me at home: or at school
you can call and leave a message at my house (780)467-9988, but tonight I need sleep so I can kick this. I will be at work tomorrow so again I will call you back when I get the time, but e-mail would probably be faster if you can.

please don't forget we need all your prayers and positive karma headed Taylor's way as well as Mindy. She really has nothing to fight this and will more than likely be getting an "immune booster"



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