Monday, January 12, 2009

All seems well on the hospital front

So an update on Mindy and Taylor is as follows:

Mindy has had some visitors as well as others that due to illness have not been able to come up to the hospital. I thank all of you for the calls, texts and well wishes. I know that this really is a crazy season with lots and lots of sickness.  I think I get a bit "over protective" as I am feeling somewhat guilty I can't always be there for Mindy and please bear with me. Mindy has also had some food coming up, which is awesome. I think she is good till tomorrow and her sister-in-law Michelle is bringing something on Wednesday. Thank-you all, it does mean a lot and feel free to think I am nuts...there is "nuts"  in large quantities when dealing with me lately.LOL

Taylor has been doing very good. She is smiley (Mindy calls her a "smile slut") and LOUD.LOL she does not have "volume control" and when talking she tends to shout.LOL I can hear her down the hall when I come. I told Mindy she is going to have "the obnoxious" kid.  Anyhow they should get her blood counts tomorrow and if they are good she will get chemo tomorrow. This one is the one she has done really well with in the past and does not have any major side-effects. So if all goes well Mindy should be out on Friday. Landon gets home this week so that is super awesome.

So honestly, if you feel I am being an ass, which sometimes happens and I am not talking donkeys feel free to tell me..don't stew on it and be angry....LOL I thrive on confrontation.LOL no, but I hate people being upset and not voicing me I have a thick skin.

Okay so have a great week

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