Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taylor had her first Giggle today!!!!

Well she did it, she laughed. Mindy apparently was playing with her on the bed, pushing her little short, chubby legs up, etc and Taylor let out a giggle. Mom said that later in the hospital (she is back in for chemo) she laughed some more. I haven't heard, but am pumped....which probably means she'll laugh for everyone else and never when I am there.LOL

Anyhow, I am a touch sick so that means hugely sentimental. So I will go on my tirade.LOL Look out.

I want to say how proud I am of Mindy. She has the patients, love, kindness, caring devotion I do not think is witnessed often (perhaps I should write the pope and nominate her for sainthood.LOL) Mindy is ALWAYS calm. She never, ever gets upset with Taylor. This is amazing as it really is exhausting and I would think normal to perhaps snap every now and then, but not Mindy. Mindy has always been like this though. Even as a child. God do I love that girl. I think of Mindy as a balance....she always seems to give it!

I also am proud of so many others. Yes you all witnessed my craze when I panicked Mindy was in need from getting stuck at the hospital. I want to say that very quickly people DID respond. Michelle, Mindy's sister-in-law went way out of her way to bring by food and have a quick visit even though she had a sick little girl as well as a little boy. Thanks, Michelle that was awesome! Then Brenda and Faye came by with more food and love. Danielle managed 5 dogs and a baby boy so that she could look after the crazy beagles while Mindy and Taylor were in the hospital, Don and Roberta quickly tried to recover from illness to go visit, Eva, Lorna, Lindsey swung by for visits. I know many of you also wanted to come by, but could not...Thanks for the calls to Mindy and texts, means a lot. And of Course Grandma Josie and her daily visits. Love ya Mom. And thanks to Edwina and Barb for their never failing support. Joyce for always giving me her ear at work...cause I always need to unwind. All of you especially unmentioned that I have forgotten (will always forget some sorry). Landon I miss you lots...who would ever have thought that would happen? LOL I was so happy to get to see you this weekend. Thanks for being so great to the kids. They had a blast...did not want to leave.LOL

Sometimes I am emotional in a bad way, but hopefully I refocus to be good, cause that is really where we all need to be. God bless keep praying for our girl.

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